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crest & kullervo

I picked up crest & kullervo a while ago. Today I tried to power them on,
with not so much luck...

Kullervo has a 250GB disk at the SCSI converter plus a 1GB SCSI disk. The
small disk does not seem to spin up, it is trying though. Without this disk,
kullervo boots but only to the workbench. There do not seem to be any Linux
files, and no CD-Rom driver...

Crest has a 250GB disk at the SCSI converter plus, if I remember correctly
an IDE disk, since it can not boot from SCSI? Something happens when I power
it on, but I do not see anything on the monitor, not with the Comodore-VGA
converter, not with my scandoubler, not at the VGA output of the videocard.
So maybe it did not boot, maybe the old IDE disk is broken? But there should
be some video output IIRC. C-A-A does reboot the machine (Caps LED is

So for now it seems to be easier to get Kullervo going. If I find a PC with
a SCSI controller I could plug in the Amiga disk and copy the necessary
files onto it. I think thats how I originally set it up. Unless somebody
comes up with a better idea? Should I nudge the 1GB disk a little harder so
that it can spin up again?


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