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Re: Linux at ColdFire and 68k

Am 10.03.2011 02:35, schrieb Mathias Wittau:

I´d like to inform you about our latest progress we made in using GNU/Linux at our Atari-compatible Coldfire hardware (FireBee). Thanks to Greg Ungerer we are able to boot Linux already, and await full working distributions to be potentially possible. Please read more at http://acp.atari.org/news.html

It may also be of interrest that we got with AHCC http://ahcc.atari.org a compiler/assembler that can - under TOS - produce binaries for 68020 up to (including) ColdFire!

Maybe this hardware can become a path for m68k? I would be interrested how people think about Coldfire/68k issue at this list.



I also think it's possible to get an x-server to run. We can use libarys from MiNT an port they. I've wrote the no crew. They had made a dpkg based MiNT long time ago.

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