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[m68k] Re: GCC-4.5 as the default for (at least some) architectures

Brian Morris dixit:

>I noticed the other day that a new dependency (MPC) from upstream for gcc4.5
>is failing to build on 68k,
>see m68k at the bottom of this page, says not since gcc 4.3.

While I can probably take care of compiling gcc-4.5 and its
dependencies, we “just” got gcc-4.4 in a pretty good shape,
plus it’s used by the kernel, whereas gcc-4.5 is another
burden, and $someone would need to check whether the fixes
we had added to 4.4 are already in 4.5 (either upstream or
Debian) and add them if they aren’t… not impossible, but I
don’t know if it’s wise, at the moment (not long-term).

Priority is to get the kernel from unstable patched, working
and usable at the moment, since the toolchain works now.
(Thanks Matthias for accepting the binutils and gcc-4.4 patches!)

Oh, and, of course, to get an actual buildd running…

Solange man keine schmutzigen Tricks macht, und ich meine *wirklich*
schmutzige Tricks, wie bei einer doppelt verketteten Liste beide
Pointer XORen und in nur einem Word speichern, funktioniert Boehm ganz
hervorragend.		-- Andreas Bogk über boehm-gc in d.a.s.r

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