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Re: 2.6.37 and other things.

Finn Thain dixit:

>Wow. That sucks rocks through a straw. I wonder if only ext4 has broken 
>read-only mounts?

AFAIHH read-only mounts in Linux are only for data, not for
metadata (mika from Grml cursed a lot about it). The kernel
at least does journal replays for journalled filesystems that
are dirty, and of course it updates the superblock with what-
ever time it currently thinks right.

Geert Uytterhoeven dixit:

>So can't you hack MacOS to consider the RTC in UTC, cfr. the unixclock

If it’s true that the timezone is stored there as well, this
isn’t actually needed, just a change to Linux to read it out
and use it (upon boot / first-time setting).

13:47⎜<tobiasu> if i were omnipotent, i would divide by zero
                all day long ;)
(thinking about http://lobacevski.tumblr.com/post/3260866481 by waga)

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