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Re: debian-installer: kernel lagging for sh4, m68k, alpha

Hector Oron dixit:

>arch       kernel udebs     build/config
>i386       2.6.32 (-27)     2.6.32-5
>alpha      2.6.30 (-6)      2.6.30-1 # unoficial
>m68k       2.6.26 (-7)      2.6.26-1 # unoficial
>sh4        2.6.32 (-??)     2.6.32-5 # unoficial

>If you are interested your architecture to be supported by
>debian-installer, please update lagging kernel status. You can either

What’s needed to get 2.6.32-5+m68k.3 from debian-ports.org
suite “unreleased” there? I have zero idea of d-i, have only
used debootstrap on m68k until now, and this kernel works in
normal operation, but I don’t know if d-i needs more packages,
and more testing is needed also (hint, hint)…

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