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Re: Tests?

Finn Thain dixit:

>> >Are the debian-ports.org archives complete enough to debootstrap?
>> It won?t work: debootstrap cannot combine unstable+unreleased.
>What prevents debootstrapping unreleased by itself? (Other than missing 
>packages that could presumably be uploaded?)

Ah. The unreleased suite is not a complete one. It only contains pak-
kages, per architecture with source, that didn’t build from unmodified
(unstable) sources. In our case, about half a dozen source packages,
with assorted binary packages.

>> They are complete, their problem is usually that the arch:all part is 
>> too new for that to finish.
>Yes, you said so once before. But I'm not a Debian developer and I don't 
>know what this means.

The locales package illustrated this nicely until now: The packages
libc6 and locales are built from eglibc (now) source, but libc6 is
arch:any which means its binary package will be arch:m68k, while
locales is arch:all which means it’ll be only compiled once then
installed everywhere. Now, of course, locales (= x.y) has a depen-
dency on libc6 (= x.y) which can’t be fulfilled if the architecture
buildds don’t keep up building (the arch-specific part of) eglibc.
Now, the old locales package falls out of unstable shortly after the
new one is available, besides apt only handles one version of a pak-
kage (which annoys me to a very large extent), namely the latest one
(unless pinned, but I know nobody who really knows pinning, and to
add insult to injury, it doesn’t even work as advertised), which means
the new locales depends on libc6 (= x.z) but we have only x.y so it
can’t be installed.

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