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Re: debian-installer: kernel lagging for sh4, m68k, alpha

Hector Oron dixit:

>m68k       2.6.26 (-7)      2.6.26-1 # unoficial

I’ve got working 2.6.32-26+m68k.2 which I uploaded to unreleased on
debian-ports.org yesterday, and 2.6.32-27+m68k.3 is almost built.
The kernels for m68k sort of need patches to build which, at the
current time, will probably not be added to the sid (2.6.32-*)
kernel to keep it stable. (Also, I’m building them with gcc-4.4
right now, because we got that into better shape than gcc-4.3.)

Can you use kernels from d-p.o unreleased for the installer?
Stephen said that d-i kernels were traditionally cross-built
manually anyway, IIRC.

Preliminary debdiff (from dpkg-buildpackage -S before building it)
at: https://www.freewrt.org/~tg/debs68k/notyet/linux-2.6/linux-2.6_2.6.32-27+m68k.3.debdiff
(will move to debs68k/dists/sid/main/PS-ok-unrel/linux-2.6/ once tested)

I’m currently at
│Note: Writing set_irq_chip.9
│Warn: AUTHOR sect.: no personblurb|contrib for Thomas Gleixner
│Note: AUTHOR sect.: see see http://docbook.sf.net/el/contrib
│Note: AUTHOR sect.: see see http://docbook.sf.net/el/personblurb
│Warn: AUTHOR sect.: no personblurb|contrib for Ingo Molnar
│Note: AUTHOR sect.: see see http://docbook.sf.net/el/contrib
│Note: AUTHOR sect.: see see http://docbook.sf.net/el/personblurb
in the compilation process (doing an arch+indep native build for
the first time, previously I built the indep portion on i386), so
the binary part is finished but not yet packaged or tested. The
difference to 2.6.32-26+m68k.2 is that RTC_GENERIC is enabled on
atari for ARAnyM, and it’s resynched with 2.6.32-27, so I expect
it to work, but you can never be sure… (if I don’t manage it until
tonight or maybe tomorrow morning, it will take a few days more due
to a dentist visit *shudders*).

Since the package is for d-p.o unreleased, it’s nothing that should
be applied as-is. Specifically, either the compiler switch to gcc-4.4
(will be uploaded today) should be made m68k specific, or the config
work around a gcc-4.3 bug. The patches… fixing them should be applied
right now, I think; enabling them is questionable as some touch MI
stuff, such as msdosfs. They’re needed (well, a subset of them) for
ARAnyM machine support though (without, it boots but has no ethernet,
which is kind of bad) which is vital to development.

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