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status report (almost done)

Hi *,

I’m only two packages short of uploading to unstable (when possible) and
unreleased (when necessary): util-linux (which, due to Finn’s gcc fixes,
should work now – jpeg did) and eglibc (just rebuilding with the new gcc
and re-synching against latest sid).

After I upload, however, there are two things users of Debian/m68k must
• install a newer kernel (TLS capable) first
  – new images are available in the archive then and (now already) from
• have the following two lines in their sources.list:
  deb http://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian unstable main
  deb http://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian unreleased main

Without unreleased, this cannot work (for a while only, though, as I
expect DDs to integrate the m68k patches after squeeze was released,
since the freeze is over then).

With it, buildds *might* work again, but I suggest to re-bootstrap
the build chroot instead of merely upgrading (after being done with
eglibc, I’ll do so to my cowbuilders _again_ as well).

I’m likely to also publish new Aranym/Quick images.

I’ll however hold off uploading to debian-ports.org until Ingo has
reported success with the kernel from my build on his Amigas, and
this should give everyone time to veto if necessary.

Statistics, as of now:
• ready to upload to unstable: 158 binary packages (61 source pkgs)
• ready to upload to unreleased:
  – db4.7, db4.8 (disable java)
  – gcc-4.4 (integrate patches)
  – gcc-defaults (disable java)
  – gettext (disable java)
  – gmp (two-line patch to enable m68k)
  – libidn (disable java)
  – linux-2.6 (integrate and activate patches)
• being built
  – eglibc (for unreleased: switch to NPTL)
  – libselinux (for unstable)
  – util-linux (for unreleased: fix #578168)

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