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Re: etch-m68k and newer packages

On Mon, 30 Nov 2009 08:32:20 -0600 (CST), "Stephen R. Marenka"
<stephen@marenka.net> wrote:

> The other problem with etch-m68k is that we can't make changes to that
> distribution any more. It sounds like we should bootstrap sid's
> (and friends) starting with etch-m68k.

Erm, well, that was basically my intention/the reason behind my question,
even when I was not very clear about that. 
> Are we going to end up recompiling the archive for TLS any way?

I would opt for a clean restart. Maybe a fresh start could solve some
problems that only exists because of dependencies we don't need to care
about anymore? But OTOH you have more oversight what is broken and what

BTW: what about ftp-mirrors? I remember M. Casadevall dealing with own
instance of ftp-master and such back then. 

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