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Send emails directly to doctors

Current Physicians in the USA 

788,472 in total <> 17,271 emails

Featuring the most complete contact information in many different areas of medicine

16 different sortable fields

Reduced to only: $399

~~~~~ You get these for F-Ree with every order this week ~~~~~

-> List of US Pharma Companies
  Personal email addresses (47,000 in total) and names for top level executives

-> American Hospitals
  Full data for all the major positions in more than 7k facilities

-> American Dentists
  Practically every dentist in the United States is listed here

-> Chiropractors in the USA
  Complete data for all chiropractors in the US (a $250 value)

send email to:      Lucile@prolistsource.info


valid thru  Sept  26 2009

Send us an email to exit@prolistsource.info we will discontinue from the list

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