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Re: future of crest and kullervo

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 08:08:39AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > > > Status?
> > > No news, to my knowledge. Sorry. 
> > Can we get somebody to take them over by say end of March at the latest,
> > please?
> If no one else steps up, I can remotely admin them. Mind you, I live in NZ so no 
> trips to the data center. 

Both are located at NMMN, so either the NMMN people can do something or
either Christian or I can fix things there. 

But anyway: so far the plan was to keep one machine in DSA maintenance and
just take over the other machine, not both! It's better for the m68k port
and maybe for the project as well when m68k is not totally dismissed from
the project, even if some people would like to see that happen. 

> > If not I don't see DSA providing (for) them much longer.
> What is needed from us to take them over, other than installing local accounts?

I think we should decide first which machine to take over and which to keep
for DSA maintenance and the project. 

- crest: already set up for public access (DDs), but for some unknown
  reasons awfully slow. 

- kullervo: needs setup, but might be a better/faster machine for a DD
  accessible machine.


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