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Re: Cirrusfb?

Hello Emmanuel,

Sorry for the late answer!

Putting this back on the list:

On 2008-12-24, you wrote:

> Hi Christer,
> Christer Oldhoff wrote:
>> Hello Emmanuel,
>> On 2008-12-23, you wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm trying to boot a 2.6.x (2.6.25 to be exact) kernel on my A3000/060 
>>> with a Picasso IV.
>>>  From what I found on the net, the clgen driver was replaced by cirrusfb 
>>> in recent 2.6 kernels.
>>> I'm trying to boot with a PIV console, and can't do it. It will either 
>>> won't boot, or will switch back to amifb and ECS.
>>> What parameters should I pass to cirrusfb? The only thing that seems to 
>>> get something out of the PIV is "video=amifb:off", but the screen is 
>>> distorted.
>> Last time I checked it (18 months ago), the cirrusfb did not work at all.
>> That is, it was not finished.
>> I have a Picasso-II.
>> Regards,
> I see,
> Ok then... I was hoping to get a X-less installation with a nice 
> console, but anyway... Do X work ok on the Picassos?
It was not usable on my system (A2000, Blizzard 2060-50, 96 MB Fast) since
X crashed when the screen blanker kicked in, i.e., if I was able to launch
it at all. Mostly (like 9 times of 10) X aborted during startup.
It looked nice the few times it worked, though...

But all of this was 18 months ago, so perhaps it works better now. 
I am not using Linux at the time.

Happy New Year everyone!

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