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Re: Replacing stuff on d-i initrd

Hi Stephen,

> > It sounds like vivaldi came back up successfully, so I'm going to update it 
> > and try to re-build perl when I get time. Other than that, I've no idea 
> > what I'm doing. ;)
> kullervo narrowly failed to build perl (hires timer and network stuff again).
> > 
> > If you're game, feel free to point hobbes and perl and see if you can get 
> > it working. (It built fine, but perl-base dies horribly on installation.)
> OK; will make a good test for my 2.6.28 kernel if nothing else. 

hobbes failed to build perl again (locked up in the socket IO test; that looks 
like a signal timing issue). Rerunning the test on either a 2.4 or 2.6 kernel 
did not repeat the failure. 

Running the full perl testsuite in 2.6 crashed my Falcon with SCSI errors :-( 

I'll beat on it some more, but kullervo already had a 2.6 kernel for a long 
time, so there's not much to be hoped for? 



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