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Re: Coldfire Boards

On Mon, Sep 01, 2008 at 05:38:09PM -0400, Michael Casadevall wrote:
> I should have been more clear. These boards did come with BDM modules,
> but my board came second hand from another developer who either lost it
> or simply forgot to send it along (I'm hoping its the later). The board
> I received was in a shoebox with a few papers, the mini-ITX baseboard,
> and the Fire Engine itself and its power adapter. No cabling or the BDM
> was included.
> Woutcher (youpi) to my knowledge is using the latest BSP (and so am I

Just to make something clear: my name is Wouter, and my IRC nickname
(which I prefer to avoid whenever possible) is 'Yoe' :-)

> when I built my kernel and JFFS2 image), but he's also unwilling to
> override dBUG so he's using u-boot 2 beta which seems to have issues
> booting the kernel.

I'm not unwilling to do that; but I've never played with this BDM thing
before, so I'm only going to do it when I have the time to deal with it
if necessary.

> Our boards in general are from 2004-ish, and were acquired from
> Freescale when we told them we wished to port Debian to Coldfire. We got
> roughly a mix of boards if previous posts are correct, mine is a m5478 I
> believe if I read the specs right. I can't say what anyone else got.
> Michael.

You have an M5475EVB, as do I. An M5474Lite was shipped to Christian,
and and has now been given to Roman. An M5485EVB was shipped to Adam
Conrad, but we're going to ask him to ship it to Michael Schmitz.
Finally, another board was originally shipped to Sven Luther and is now
with Aurélien Gérome; I don't recall what type of board that is (I
*think* it's also an M5474Lite).

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