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Lenny-m68k can now be debootstrapped!

debootstrapping off http://ftp-master.nemesisnetworks.com/debian  for
lenny now works. Stephen uploaded e2fsprogs which was the last missing
deb we needed for debootstrap to work. It is now possible to to build
a lenny "pure" chroot jail. If your interested in running a lenny
autobuilder, now is the time to set that up.

On another note, I have worries about the archive consistency w.r.t.
to versioning against the actual lenny. I found that a few packages
that should have been removed by cruft cleaner script didn't (such as
the current libc6 binaries). I'm looking for volunteers would will
help decruftify the archive; I suspect the not-built-from-source
script used on both Ubuntu and the main archive can help find any
remaining consistences.

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