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Re: The perl 5.10.0 headache

Problem would be rather missing memory barier, or non-atomic operation.
This should be fixable even with 2.5 glibc and linuxthreads.

Do we need a fix in linuxthreads, or the kernel?

I don't know.

The linuxthreads add-on is currently used
by hppa and kfreebsd-* for glibc 2.7.
But the latest entry in linuxthreads ChangeLog is dated 2006-10-31.
So codebase might be even the same as with your 2.5-11 glibc.

On GNU/kFreeBSD, the test fails with 6.x (FreeBSD) kernel, it passes with 7.x kernel (after I added runtime detection of presence of rt capable FreeBSD kernel). It is due to realtime behaviour of signals, in 7.x they properly queue in kernel. I assume 2.6 linux kernel (and may be also 2.4) even on 68k queues them properly.

IMHO, the problem is not in pthread add-on, but lies somewhere else,
i.e. non-atomic operation, wrong optimization by gcc, ...

I suggets to use attached C code and try strace and so on.


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