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Re: [buildd] wanna-build

On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 08:06:51AM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:

> > No idea how easy this would be to set up, bit what's the basic
> > difference between -ports and host our own?
> -ports is seen as a staging area and has the synchronisation with
> wanna-build already...

So, as a some-what unofficial debian port, would it make sense to move to
-ports anyway? Would it make re-inclusion as a release port more likely?

> >> * contact leader@
> > Definitely. I see this as the cabal dragging their feet, hoping we just
> > go away. Seems to be the Debian Way these days.
> While it may look like this, I think it's just that Ryan Murray
> currently had other stuff to worry about...

Well, I guess Stephen have had other stuff to worry about during the last
weeks as well. ;) 
Adding some keys in a bunch shouldn't take that long, IMHO. If he's still
overloaded with other work he should seek for help. As far as I followed it,
Stephen offered his help and agreed to make the changes if he got the power. 
And it wasn't the first time we're waiting for weeks/months to get some keys

> > Coordinating with -release ...I clearly remember the help and advice I
> > got when asking about ways to run testing-m68k. Thanks, but no thanks.
> You do realise that the current Release Team has different members?

How likely is it that those have more interest in helping m68k?

> >> * Coordinating with buildd-team to preserve as much status as possible
> >>  during the transition, then deleting the old db afterwards. (Which
> >>  would be more work that fixing the current access, I should think.)
> > Coordinating with buildd-team - funny notion indeed. Why would they
> > care, if they are unwilling or unable to act on the initial request,
> > evidently?
> A mail can get lost or the processing can be delayed, AFAICS you don't
> know the status at all?

When the persons in charge don't tell you anything about their status at
all, it's their fault. When they would communicate something like "Oh well,
I'm quite busy at the moment... it could take some days, please remember me
next week again when it's not done until then..." or "I'm busy, please
contact $foo instead..." it would make everyones life easier. 

> > Has there _any_ answer been forthcoming from buildd-team at all? Any
> > indication that someone read your mails?
> It might not be bad to contact neuro on IRC if you did not get any
> response on your mail yet...

It would even better if $someone would take appropriate action to finally
give us back w-b access. No matter who that $someone actually is!

*grmpf* :-( 

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