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Re: kernel


On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> that was evident. Since most linux based distros don't include Atari
> PTBL support in their kernels this won't help much, unfortunately.
> Avoiding the PTBL incompatibilities by accessing the partitions directly
> is still the better solution, IMHO.

If you forgot to include a 'without that silly bootblock', I'd actually 
agree with you. :)
The main problem is simply nothing under Linux knows about PTBL, adding 
that support would be quite a bit of work and all they would do is to just 
ignore it anyway.
It would be _far_ easier to just disable it in the first place (either via 
config or the Linux driver can request to disable it).
Please tell me just a single clear advantage I would have that this _adds_ 
to Linux? Whether I mount a disk image under Linux via /dev/sda or 
/dev/sda1 makes no difference.

bye, Roman

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