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Re: kernel


Okay, my patches against linux-2.6_2.6.25-5 are at

m68k-atari-ide-bug.diff: causes hda1 to die horribly, so I guess
I didn't quite port something correctly.

Forbidden ...

m68k-atari-nfconblock.diff: nfcon works fine, setting NF_BLOCK=y in the
config causes aranym to die in userland (as referred to earlier in this
thread -- could be I've configured nfblock poorly?).

m68k-build-id.diff: allows gcc-4.1 and gcc-4.2 to link.

I'll try those on a known-good kernel tree (2.6.23 with Geert's quilt patches didn't boot on real hardware but does on Aranym, fwiw).

2.6.25rc9 vanilla still has the byte ordering problem on IDE, is that what your ide bug patch is about?

Speaking of IDE bug: the IDE lock_release bug is indeed gone for good even when testing on real hardware.


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