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Potential fix for gcc-4.3 and m68k glibc

Reading up on the changes made to GCC for gnu99/c99, I've been researching workarounds and such, and I may have hit paydirt;GCC has an option which causes the code to use the gnu89 linkage over the current gnu99 while still allowing the code extensions of gnu99.
In other words, it will allow c99/gnu99 to be compiled against our aging glibc :-). If this works, I can cook up a patch that will force this open (it probably just need a tweak to the spec file to cause the proper option to be set). Unfortanately, I don't have access to an m68k or even a general Linux box to build a cross-compiler to test my theory. If someone wishes to donate access to a machine to test my theory, it will be appericated; until tell, I'm going to see if I can bootstrap the required compiler from Windows so I can at least see if the code will build.

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