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Re: [m68k-build] away from my buildd


> Great ... this is becoming dead buildd week (we're now four buildds alone
> this week, cronos, hades, and diablos bit the dust this week due to ISP
> failure (a work around is going in place). Can't hobbes pass its email via
> uucp or something though so even if it lacks direct net access, it can still
> be useful building things?

It could, in theory. I have not bothered to set up something like UUCP at
this time because I thought I'd only leave in May so there'd be time
enough (I've fiddled some with passing mail out over smtps to no avail).

Unfortunately, there's been a change of plans :-(

I'll try and reactivate the buildd as soon as I'm over in DE, and have
secured net access.



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