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Re: FOSDEM thoughts

Maybe this is a stupid question (and maybe unrelated), but how does Debian/ARM handle FPU issues. I know XScale requires softfloat, but I don't think the Debian ARM port was compiled with softfloat. It almost looks like supporting Coldfire will be a plain pain because of the different varients in the chips (I almost see an Debian SuperH scenario coming)

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Roman Zippel wrote:

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On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Kurt Mahan wrote:

With respect to Floating Point there are differences within the Coldfire
V4 family.  The M547x/M548x have the FPU you have been discussing.  The
M5445x doesn't have any FPU hardware and requires everything to be
compiled with softfloat.

Linux/m68k assumes a FPU to be present, CF doesn't even know about the
extendend fp precision (long double), but it's currently used by m68k.

bye, Roman

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