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Re: daily debian-installer cds

Stephen R Marenka píše v Ne 17. 02. 2008 v 13:57 -0600:
> It looks like I can build the netinst cd at least. I'm building it daily
> with daily d-i images and etch-m68k base packages.
> It is as yet untested.

Just tested on ARAnyM. With ARAnyM's internal LILO the kernel boots up
fine but doesn't find NatFeat ethernet driver (probably not compiled
in?) so it cannot continue with netinst... 

As soon as I exchanged the kernel for proven 2.6.18 it continued the
installation process normally. Even the ASCII graphics looked much
better (not like old Midnight Commander in UTF-8).

The installation step "Selecting the keyboard" failed, but I didn't mind

At last it stopped after selecting the Debian archive mirror - the
reason is "Architecture not supported". Shouldn't this be fixed by the
magic switch in the bootargs (I happened to forget its name).

The ataboot/bootstrap method fails before even starting the unpacked
kernel (on ARAnyM). Something weird is going on there.


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