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Re: D-I Etch+1/2 CD images (was: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection)

On Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 08:28:16AM -0600, Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> > I wonder if we should request support for m68k? 2.6.24 may be the last
> > kernel for a while that supports SCSI drivers for m68k, many important
> > drivers have been removed in 2.6.25, so this may be a kernel we will have to
> > stick with for a while. Now m68k is not officially supported by etch, can it
> > be supported by etch+1/2?
> Is there an arch that doesn't work with 2.6.22, but does work with
> 2.6.24? If not, there's no point in special etch+1/2. You can upgrade the 
> kernel after installation.

I don't know if 2.6.24 has superior support for some subarch, thats why I am
asking here. 

But AFAIK there are no etch CDs for m68k? So perhaps with this, we might get
some current install CDs? (Disclaimer: I did not check if there are etch
CDs, but newer is often better?)

And as I said, 2.6.25 will remove a lot of SCSI drivers, you don't want to
upgrade your kernel to that.. unless somebody fixes the drivers, ports them
to the new scheme or whatever is needed, Geert and Roman probably know what
has to be done.


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