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Re: EMILE package testers sought

/Hi Wouter,
/> Thanks. I've been working on getting the Centris 650 to work with 2.6,
> but $WORK and FOSDEM organization intervened. Thanks for helping me
> test; I'm uploading these packages as I write this.

I thanks you and Laurent for emile package.

Now you may put emile on cd-roms from the new d-i, I meen installing emile on d-i cdroms images.

Other interesting things, seen after I rescue my IDE disk, on quadra 630, the root of debian / ( from /dev/hda5) is seeing/view on hfs partition( deh/hda8) , and we may, even, pic the kernel from penguin, directly fom directory /debian/boot from hfs partition, any complain from macos !

And, please, look what get emile -scanbus , on that IDE disk ( who/whitch boot normal in mac )
# emile --scanbus
0: base: 128 size: 26 type: ATA <3: Macintosh [Apple_Driver_ATA], SCSI HD driver>
    1:            Apple [Apple_partition_map]
    2:        Macintosh [Apple_Driver43  ]  *
    3:        Macintosh [Apple_Driver_ATA]  *
    4:  Patch Partition [Apple_Patches   ]
    5:       A/UNIX [Apple_UNIX_SVR2 ]
    6:           A/UNIX [Apple_UNIX_SVR2 ]
    7:           A/SWAP [Apple_UNIX_SVR2 ]
--> 8:       untitled 4 [Apple_HFS       ]  *
    9:            Extra [Apple_Free      ]

nor apple or emile boot block are  mentioneted. ?!


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