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Re: Problems installing Sarge (Debian 3.1r7) on Amiga 4000T

----Messaggio originale----
Da: geert@linux-m68k.org
Data: 31-gen-2008 
A: "Stephen R Marenka"<stephen@marenka.net>
Cc: "Daniele Gratteri"
<sgratte@tin.it>, <debian-68k@lists.debian.org>
Ogg: Re: Problems 
installing Sarge (Debian 3.1r7) on Amiga 4000T

>> Try adding 
console=tty to the kernel args? 

Tried, now in dmesg it doesn't 
complain about not being able to use a console, but still I can't read 
any information on video.

> What do you mean with `I won't get any 
display on screen'? Nothing,
> black? Do you see the penguin? A cursor?

The screen goes grey, then after a while a part of it changes and 
become black, so I have almost half screen grey and half black.

> You 
have an Amiga 1200, so that's AGA, just like the 4000. What kind of 
monitor do you have? Do you pass > any video mode option?

No video 
option are passed, except the no-debian-framebuffer one. On A4000T I 
have a Picasso IV connected to a standard SVGA monitor, tehe issue is 
both when using AGA or "clgen" install script.
I suppose that 2.6.23 
kernel works fine on my A1200 because I am using it after an 
installation done with 2.4.27 so it finds the right console. Will try 
to start installation on A1200 using 2.6.24 and see if the behaviour is 
the same as on A4000T or not.


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