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Re: Problems installing Sarge (Debian 3.1r7) on Amiga 4000T

Stephen R Marenka ha scritto:

Good source, although I don't know when the last time anyone tested
amiga was. :)
Eh eh, of course, the source is from you ;-)

Was it nativehd, hd-media, or cdrom?

But the strange issue is, I won't get any display on screen even if I use the initrd from the Sarge CD. Sure, it is much older, but at least when used with the 2.4.27 kernel (Sarge CD) it displays fine, but then the kernel hangs for the SCSI problems.

I will have to try the newer kernels on my Amiga 1200 where I managed to do an installation of Sarge, but there I am stuck with no network because if I am right the PCMCIA 3Com 3C589 is not supported :-(

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