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Re: [buildd] needs-build @ 914


> > That really needs to be considered carefully, seeing as that keeping a
> > chroot as clean as possible has gone a long way to prevent install
> > dependency trouble in the past..
> Another proposed solution would be the use of lvm snapshots to build the
> packages in. Just lvremoving the snapshot would give you a clean chroot
> again.

Could be worth a try - no idea how much overhead lvm incurs and whether
it's noticeable on m68k.

> > That's the key thing - OTOH if a build dependency is not installable that
> > gets caught rather soon.
> IMHO it is possible to check the build dependency and if it's installable
> not by the buildd itself, but with a different approach, say on another host
> with some scripts. This should be doable on a centralized host or database.

That approach is quite likely to fail - whether a package is installable
or not solely depends on the particular set of package installed at that
time. All you can hope for is to figure out if the installation problem is
supposed to happen with an up to date chroot.

There may be reasons for not updating the chroot at times :-)


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