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Re: [PATCH] HACK: Atari ST-RAM allocator using fixed pool of bootmem


On Thursday 3. January 2008, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> Slightly less hackish implementation of that hack attached. This (on top
> of my max_dma_address patch before) does solve the ramdisk related atafb
> problems without resorting to artificial RAM limits. Stephen, please try
> this patch.

You can reserve a specific area using reserve_bootmem, so that you don't have 
to rely on alloc_bootmem_low returning memory from the correct zone, e.g. in 
atari_stram_reserve_pages you already have a pointer to the start of free 
In general stram.c could use a major cleanup. It would be better if it used 
resources like amiga/chipram.c.

> @@ -90,11 +90,15 @@
>  /* values for flags field */
>  #define BLOCK_FREE	0x01	/* free structure in the BLOCKs pool */
>  #define BLOCK_KMALLOCED	0x02	/* structure allocated by kmalloc() */
> +#define BLOCK_POOL	0x04	/* block allocated from static pool */
>  #define BLOCK_GFP	0x08	/* block allocated with __get_dma_pages() */

In the end it should simply use a single allocation type, if there is 
something that needs ST-RAM before the allocator is initialized, it either 
has to be delayed or special cased.

bye, Roman

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