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Re: aranym vs atafb

On Fri, 28 Dec 2007, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> Petr Stehlik p� v P�8. 12. 2007 v 10:42 +0100:
> > 128 MB: screen_base 00b00000
> > 192 MB: screen_base 01700000
> > 256 MB: screen_base 01600000
> > 
> > So the question is how the atafb decides where to put the videoram and
> > why is it related to FastRAM size...
> I have just 2.6.22 source and there the screen_base is set as follows:
> screen_base = atari_stram_alloc(mem_req, "atafb");
> so if this is in 2.6.18-m68k then it looks like a bug in the
> atari_stram_alloc() to me.

atari_stram_alloc() allocates GFP_DMA'ble memory using __get_dma_pages(), as atafb is initialized after memory initialization.

If Fast RAM doesn't support DMA, it should be added as non-DMA'ble



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