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Re: [buildd] Machines upgraded

On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 07:00:10AM +0100, Daniele Gratteri wrote:
> Ingo Juergensmann ha scritto:
>> Oooops... that's not really an improvement... anyway, I've chosen 2.6.23 
>> as it was the latest and the easiest to checkout from the m68k cvs for me. 
>> And it contained the SCSI patches for WarpEngine and A4000T SCSI....
> Is a "generic" Amiga kernel, based on 2.6.23, available for download? I 
> remember having problems with my A4000T and now I read a kernel fixed these 
> issues, so I could try an installation.

I used the kernel from http://linux-m68k-cvs.ubb.ca/
You may keep in mind what Roman wrote about the new scheduler in .23 and may
want to use .22 instead. 
The problem I faced with .23 and the new SCSI driver was, that it needed a
little patch, because I deactivated PCMCIA support for my kernel. See
http://marc.info/?l=linux-m68k&m=119606509718796&w=2 for details. 

> (Ingo, please excuse me but for a mistake yesterday I replied to your 
> e-mail address instead of the mailing-list)

No problem... 

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