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Re: m68k toolchain status?

> whats up with m68k?

unstable moving faster now that we're no longer holding everyone back, and
we're not keeping pace? glibc 2.6 needs porting to m68k first before we
can switch?

> - the last gcc-4.1 upload did fail to build
> http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?&pkg=gcc-4.1&ver=4.1.2-14&arch=m68k&stamp=1185088210&file=log

Looks like this could be a hardware (RAM) problem; I'll requeue elsewhere.

> - packages depending on `locales' cannot be built anymore.
>   Is there a buildd which holds back glibc-2.5 locales so that these
>   packages can be built?

Not by default. I'll hunt for 2.5 locales on snapsnot.

> - nobody seemed to be opposed to make GCC 4.2 the default for m68k,
>   although it's not yet built/tested?

I thought that making something non-existant the default for m68k was a
contradiction in and of itself. Anyway, I can spell it out if you like:

We don't have gcc-4.2 yet, and cannot make it default. Objection to form.

>   some debian patches need an update. Wouter, Roman?
> - gcc-snapshot builds are missing for m68k.

Bad build dependency on xulrunner, by brainfart of yours truly. I'll
manually queue that one as well.


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