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Re: [buildd] needs-build: 322

Stephen R Marenka wrote:

>> Hmm, so it's bad timing that my DSL was shut down (due to changing ISP) and
>> will not be up until 2007-07-24... anyway, this makes Spice being down in
>> the meanwhile...
> Is spice still building mesa? If not, it needs to be given-back. If it
> was built successfully, we need to get it uploaded.

The mesa build was successful. I try to have a ISDN dialup working in some
days, but I haven't found the USB bluetooth stick yet... *sigh*

> Is that why vivaldi is having mail problems?

Yes. Vivaldi used my machine as a smarthost. I changed this to another one and
flushed the mailq today...

Ciao...          //
      Ingo     \X/

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