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Re: washi


> Washi suffered a liquid cooling failure which caused a pretty cool
> meltdown.  I've fixed everything up, refilled it and the system is up

I always thought you were kidding about the liqid cooling ... Good to
hear it's up again.

> and running again *except*.....  When I boot up the 2.4 kernel I can't
> get the ethernec working.  Michael, any insight?  Also Michael, please

You may need to manually load the module and specify a parameter for the
IO base address. Or have this line in /etc/modules:

atari_ethernec io=0x300

(0x300 is the default base address, and it is hardwired on the ROM port
PCB. It may even be possible to use other IO base address values as long
as card and adapter settings match).

If that does not help we'll have to reactivate the SLIP connection and
I'll try to get something from the kernel log.

> get in touch with me.  I upgraded to FC7 and lost your account so I just
> need to create it and give you a new pw.

OK; I was wondering why evil had changed its host key all of a sudden :-)


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