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Troubles installing on Amiga 3000 with Cyberstorm scsi controller


Sorry if this has been already discussed before, the search engine doesn't seem to work properly atm.

I've downloaded the latest debian distribution for 68k(3.1r6) and I'm trying to install it on my A3000T (CS MK3, 060).

The cd drive is connected to the on-board scsi controller, the hard disk is connected to the CS' scsi controller.
Once the installation script has started and I'm through the firstbasis steps, the installer looks for possible places to install the OS.

Here's the problem: the installer only looks for peripherals connectedto the on-board controller and, since there is none but the cd, stopsthe installation process stating that there is no suitable place toinstall to.

Do youknow any way I can tell the installer to search for the CS' controller?On the debian documentation is known to be supported.

Thank you in advance!

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