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Re: [PATCH/RFC 0/2] Zorro modalias support


On Mon, 11 Jun 2007, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> Most other `system bus' hardware doesn't have to be probed (in the ISA
> bang-a-few-ports-and-we'll-see sense) on m68k. We use
> {amiga,atari,mac}_hw_present to find out if something exists.
> So we could easily have in arch/*/config.c:
> 	register_XXX_device();
> 	register_YYY_device();
>     ...
> and we have our `system bus'. Devices could be numbered just starting from
> 1 (or use the {amiga,atari,mac}_hw_present numbers? But we don't need
> devices for all of them, at least on Amiga), as we control what's there
> anyway. Module alias would then be of the form `{amiga,atari,mac}:%u'.
> See why I don't want to call it `host' or `m68k'?
> Hmm, maybe we should call it `host' or `m68k', to make it even more generic
> and use `host:{amiga,atari,mac}%u' for module aliases? One day other
> platforms may want to start using it, too...

I'd tend to use a single system/platform bus if possible.
Exporting an internal enumaration is IMO a bad idea, if you don't have bus 
specific specifier, please don't make anything up. Just give them normal 
names (e.g. amiga_mouse) and then you can use a single bus to organize 

bye, Roman

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