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Re: working xorg.conf i promised

On 6/1/07, Eugen Paiuc <e.paiuc@gmail.com> wrote:
# xorg.conf (xorg X Window System server configuration file)
# This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using
# values from the debconf database.
# Then it was modified by hand merging with ppc
xorg.conf that worked and
# further editing to include framebuffer modes (output of fbset -x).
# so far it only works on my q630 and FAILS on my q605
# also only tested with unstable/xorg7.2 (etch is 7.1) .... BCM 5/29/07

I tested your xorg.conf on etch and is ok. Thank for your work.

Funy, now, even the "standard" xorg.conf , in depth 16 is working.

you mean just what dexconf made when you installed xorg ?? what do you mean,
"now" ?

There is a little issue with flushing the video_ram before doing startx.

my problem in 16bit was maybe that (besides just tired). well if I were
not careful the Xserver only sees 300k of my 600k of vram and then
when I startx I see on the bottom half of the screen "leftovers" of macos
desktop. I think it is necessary to set the video to 640x480-16 in macos
or/and to use kernel options vmode=x, cmode=y (x and y are numbers
which are 10 and 8 for 800x600-8, but what is the first number for 640x480-16
i would have to experiment and it depends on the model what sync freq
is supported)

It really is more important
to me to have the 800x600 screen space. (some of the old pmacs with
framebuffer graphics i have have the same issue)

again with 605 i am not sure i wasn't just tired. I am trying again soon.

both my 650 and 630 have full real fpu. however i do have an extra pb520
I would like to try if you have '040lc built stuff to test -- is there any way
i could get copy of that ?  the opinion was to have it working ok you need
to rebuild everything that might have fpu calls...

of course i have to ask also, do your cursor keys work in X ? (for instance
get history in xterm with up arrow at shell prompt)

Playing with  depth 8, startx and then depth 16 startx, resolve issue.

Xorg has a bug on processor (>68020) with out native fpu.

{You just hit an inplemented fpu instruction (flogn) and (fetox)

0: /usr/bin/X11/X(xf86 SigHandler+0x6e)[0x8007b7de]
1:[0xefce6a38] or [0xefa28a38]}

Maybe that is why xorg don't work on q605

(or a q630 with out native fpu, my case)

Tests made on q630 with

1. processor 040 with fpu
2. processor 040 without fpu

well glad to see you are working on this. would get a battery recycled
for the old 520 if i was not too discourage of having too much
stuff to build. also hear the pb was subject to comas in 2.4 falling so
it would be a test for 2.6...

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