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Can we have jigdo (cd templates)

hi i would like to make or have jigdo files which
give the layout of files for a cd image, that then
gets loaded up by packages from mirrors.

because some people would prefer to have
cds. or need them as in my case. (i load it up at
work where i have a nice fast connection, not where
the quadras live which is in a secluded corner with
bad wiring and very  flaky wireless ...)

actually i would rather be able to set up my own
nice list of packages or at least make up say
a cd from combining the first two and leaving out
kde and some other things.

maybe i can edit some files from official debian, reference
to powerpc replace by 68k somehow ??


ps. thanks for NOT posting here where we can get this etch-m68k.

i was assuming here for a while you guys were organizing behind
the scenes but sometimes i wondered too if you all just quit.

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