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Re: [buildd] r-base

> > > The system is install on hda, the SCSI disk is not used for building, maybe
> > > I should disconnect it? Can R be responsible for SCSI or IDE errors???
> >
> > Unlikely - is that the debug=mem and AmigaOS dmesg output?
> Yes.

Then it's real. Can you send me a copy of the AmigaOS dmesg for use on
crest and kullervo, please?

> > R might be heavy on swap, thus triggering disk problems, but the kernel
> > should recover from that.
> 128MB RAM and nearly 1GB swap, and it should not use the SCSI disk for

Dirk already cleared that up; it might be the gcc 4.1 fortran compiler
that's funny.

> swapping, but maybe you are right, the IDE disk seems to be funny:
> fdisk -l /dev/hda
> FilesystemHeader messed up at block #54.
> Could not solve RDB problems. Sorry.

Oops, that might spell all sorts of trouble - something scribbled over the
disk, I guess.

Well, I've just recovered hobbes from a borked eclipse build (chroot disk
full), I'll have to clean up a bit before trying to build r-base or
something else...


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