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Re: mac installation

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, Finn Thain wrote:
> --- Section 7.1.2 says "...locate the kernel options line which should 
> look like root=/dev/ram video=font:VGA8x16 or similar ... The 
> video=font:VGA8x8 is recommended especially for users with tiny screens. 
> The kernel would pick a prettier (6x11) font but the console driver for 
> this font can hang the machine, so using 8x16 or 8x8 is safer at this 
> stage. You can change this at any time."

I think in 2.6 there are no more limitations on the font width and all fonts
should work with all drivers.

> With linux 2.6, that should be fbcon= not video=. Also, I've never seen 


> Oddly fbcon=font:VGA8x16, fbcon=font:VGA6x11 and no fbcon option all seem 
> to give the same result. I guess VGA6x11 just doesn't work, and 
> fbcon=font:VGA8x16 is redundant?

According to the sources, the font's name is `ProFont6x11', not `VGA6x11'.



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