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Re: [buildd] building r-base

On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 05:23:12PM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > r-base   2.4.1-1 crashed vivaldi twice (needed a hard reset), vault13 seems
> > to be crashed as well after trying r-base. I just killed the build on
> > arrakis to not get another crashed buildd.
> > So, can someone find out why the r-base build is causing crashes? Maybe Bill
> > on washi? Or Roman?
> crest crashed hard while building date - and the build log mentions
> something about r-base at the end (installing source??). I'm a bit fuzzy
> on the details,

Hmmm, Vivaldi crashed today again during build of littler, which is an R
based application as well. For me it looks as if R is seriously broken on

> but crest promptly went down again short after reboot,
> due to a nice 2x 124 A power outage in the building.
> I'll start the boxes back up shortly :-(((

Oh well... Arrakis was rebootet as well, because my dad did reset the wrong
machine first... *sigh*

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