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Speedup quadra630 [was: speedup quadra840av]

i was surprised a bit to find that my quadra630
speteds up nicely with a 4Gb disk substitituted for
the 2 that it has been running. that was just a
test in macos, theres a bunch of stuff on the
disk i have to clean off before i can test in linux.

playing the old hand-me-down game, so is a bit of
a hassle moving everything.

i used cpio to copy my system before from a scsi
external drive had originally installed on. once before
i had tried that it didn't work but this time it did.

parted or the installer is a better option probably,
but parted requires at least both partitions to be
inactive so you need some third system, and the installer
is just slow, you have wait for all the hardware detect
and babysit it through that unless you know preseed.

i guess i could get emile cd. it would be nice to have
a smaller one, but more than the rescue disc floppy,
that is to download a whole cd is an effort, in my spot,

note the 630 takes ide drives, but still has scsi for cd/external.
that is nice but the limit of ram is not so, it has 36 in it and
max out at 68 (if i can find a compatible single 64 mb 72pin simm).

i am still running a mix of sarge/etch here, with booting either
kernel depending on where i am sitting. i have finally got the
gcc-4.1-20 install but not test yet. am worried about the old
drive... (if it is slow it could be dying), but i was thinking
about trying to build kernel (s) (another source possibly speed up),
with help distcc<--g4-ppc-mac. sorry i do not really have the
network support (consistently) to provide buildd resources.


"if your data is safe, you can usually find another computer"

ps i notice that debian installer for powerpc had amiga disk support
but not atari. since we now have aranym (which does run with any
ext partition - - but some one might have an old atari disc they
want to copy) doesn't quite make sense to me.

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