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Network cards

On the Amiga hardware support faq the following network cards are listed as 
having drivers/working... Has this list changed at all to include other 
cards? (Ie: X-Surf?)

Supported Ethernet cards:

    * Commodore A2065 (a2065)
    * VillageTronic Ariadne (ariadne)
    * VillageTronic Ariadne2 (kernels 2.0.36+/2.1.124+; ariadne2)
    * BSC AlfaData Hydra (aka Hydranet; hydra)
    * CNET40 (PCMCIA; apne)
    * LinkSys (PCMCIA; apne) 

Stephen - vk3heg
Ph: 0409149641

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