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Re: Buildd


I've went to through some of failed packages and they are a few which 
could/should be retried.

These could maybe use some longer timeouts/a big machine:
- ace
- openvrml
- epiphany-browser
- missingh (won't benefit much from distcc due to gch6)

kiivi specific problem?:
- r-base
- zope3 

dependency problem:
- fportfolio: a bit unclear, just to be save fbasics >= 240.10067-1
- adonthell: needs a recompiled sdl-ttf2
- pinball: needs a recompiled sdl-image1.2
- miredo: needs a fixed judy (>1.0.3-2) #401124

- wvdial (compiles here)
- socklog (compiles here)
- nzb (qmake should be available via alternative...)
- libgd-gd2-noxpm-perl (libgd2 is fixed)
- libgd-gd2-perl (libgd2 too)

A few more for the Not-For-Us list:
- pnet-assemblies/pnet: needs porting
- sigscheme: needs porting, there are enough scheme interpreter

bye, Roman

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