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Re: First package build on aranym

> > This was a general dpkg failure that was fixed by downgrading dpkg to
> > the Etch version (probably a FPU emulation bug).
> Nothing is perfect, not even ARAnyM. I must admit that there was (yet
> another) MMU emulation error (pretty nasty to catch), that could
> decrement the stack pointer wrongly when an instruction storing
> something to stack was restarted because it tried to fetch its operand
> value from a different, unmapped memory page (yes, instruction on page
> boundary, again). A preliminary patch that fixes the issue for LINK
> instruction is in CVS but a more complete patch is expected in next
> release of ARAnyM.
> Sorry for that. Really.

Thanks for tracking it down :-) Seriously, ARAnyM has helped me
tremendously in sorting out 2.6 porting issues. Now that I have to work on
drivers for non-emulated hardware (Yay! Many thanks again for the
EtherNEC boards), it still serves to cross check I did not break anything

With distcc cross compiling, it actually has the potential to help a lot
with package building (meaning I can take down hobbes more often to test
kernel hacks).

Nothing is ever perfect. Console yourself with the thought that even
Motorola got that page boundary crossing on exceptions thing horribly
wrong in their 040LC series :-)


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