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Re: Why are these Not-For-Us?


On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> adacontrol               No ada on m68k?


> cacao

Looks like it needs serious porting work.

> cynthiune.app            Was Dep-Wait, for what?
> edos-debcheck

Should work.

> liblinux-inotify2-perl

Easily portable.

> libpam-encfs
> vnstat                   Source archlist says any
> wmnetload

Should work.

> PS: I send a long list of packages to P-a-s for inclusion. Everything
> with m68k not in the arch list or otherwise obvious. That covers most
> of the rest in N-f-U.

Some of them we might want to recheck, it seems some have been fixed not 
to require ocamlopt anymore.

bye, Roman

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