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Sarge and Etch on ARAnyM: success (was Re: ARAnyM MMU bug found and fixed)

Petr Stehlik píše v Pá 25. 08. 2006 v 11:12 +0200:
> Now I am going to install Woody, Sarge, Etch and anything else I can
> find.

As promised on Friday I've spent last 60 hours by continual installing
and upgrading Debian systems on two machines. And I've got some good
news for you :-)

Installation of both Sarge and Etch worked flawlessly. I mean it worked
perfectly. No single problem. Straight from netinst CD boot to login
prompt. I also ran dist-upgrade from sarge to etch, again perfect
without any single problem. No more weird sigsegvs or corrupted
files/filenames. That's great for Debian and also for ARAnyM. I think I
can now give you the (upcoming) ARAnyM v0.9.4 for regular use as a
Debian build machine or a test bed for Atari kernel development. At
last! I've been really looking forward to having ARAnyM running
Linux/m68k rock stable.

I also uploaded new preinstalled disk images (gzipped to distinguish
them from the old bzip2ed that were most probably corrupted due to the
MMU bugs) and also one empty disk image for those that want to try out
the installation of either Sarge or Etch by themselves.




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