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Re: [buildd] erlang_timeout

> vivaldi (060) just failed to build erlang after 1500 minutes of inactivity.
> Is something wrong or is that just crazy? Suggestions?

That seems crazy. The last successful build took 20 hours.

> While we're on the subject .... :)
> gnuradio-core last timed out on an 060 with 600 minutes of inactivity 29
> hours into the build.

That seems crazy as well - the point it gets stuck at is rather early in
the build when compared with the last successful one. Does gcc-4.1 really
take that much longer to compile?

> fwiw: erlang is blocking four packages and gnuradio-core is blocking three
> and we have 117 needs-build and 197 dep-wait (48 of which are kde
> another 60 or so are java-related).

So we have plenty of other stuff to do first :-)


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