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[buildd] Re: Kudo's to Roger Leigh

That pesky mathinline bug is finally fixed thanks to Roger Leigh. I'd be
pleased to buy you a $beverage should we ever meet in person.

That said, buildds need to be updated to the new glibc. I've already
grabbed all the packages I had as subject to this bug and they're
running through vault13. Of course, there's at least one dep-wait.

You might notice a new gcc and binutils. So let's upgrade all the critical packages for a whole new bug-hunting (target-rich) environment. :)

I just hit the mathinline bug again (or maybe a different incarnation of it) with mcmcpack_0.7-2-1 using libc6-dev 2.3.6-15; the package built fine with -13.

-15 declares trunc to use fintrz, -13 declares __trunc instead. Which one is right?


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