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p2p software on m68k - some success stories

Hello,  m68k people !

I'd like to report, that I successfully launched amuleD in minimum configuration (no gui, no graph stats, no unicode) on my A1200 with 68030 and 32 mb of ram. 
More news - I already downloaded a half of gigabyte (2 files, one 200 mb, other 300 mb)
Bad news: It works REALLY slow, especially in web interface and remote gui (I run remote gui on Win32), it takes about 20 minutes to grab all data from amiga and render it.
But it WORKS.
Other clients.
I build hydranode - it was like a nightmare. It took me about 3 weeks to build binaries, but it crashes spontaneously.
CDonkey - one version started, but gui from windows could not connect.
MLDonkey, good start, but after that system goes real slow, and freezes. (I kill process manually).
There are NO native compiler for 68k and ocaml in current ocaml version... =)
If anyone interested in obtaining binaries for wxBase and amuled, feel free to contact me at nzabrod(at)yandex.ru.
I can pack my build directories (with source, objects, and all stuff) with wxBase and amuled, and upload somewhere. I'm not expierenced in building bin packages, but anyone can play with my objects and binaries.

Best Regards
Nikolay O. Zabrodotskiy        

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